The Things That Don't Translate

In December Molly will be playing the role of Jana in the freeks' production of The Things That Don't Translate.

...Translate is a play about what it means to be vulnerable. Throughout the play, we see three different stories unfold. In the first story, Emma travels to Vienna to search for her missing best friend, and along the way, she meets several Viennese strangers who shape her understanding of loss. In the second story, two unnamed characters have a pseudo-intellectual and philosophical conversation over the course of one night. In the third story, childhood friends Mimi and Ben tease each other, a

re awkward, have their first drink, and grow up together on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon. By the end, the audience understands how these stories are connected.

The Things That Don’t Translate asks us what it means to really connect with someone and asks what role vulnerability plays in our ability to deeply understand - or perhaps even, find - one another.

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