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A little more about me...

Molly O'Brien Coffee
Molly O'Brien Red Sox
Molly O'Brien Hat
Molly O'Brien Baby
Moly O'Brien Blue
Molly O'Brien On Set
Molly O'Brien Nurse

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Where are you from?​​

Born & raised just outside of Boston, MA.


Where are you living now?

New York, NY.


Where did you study?

I have a BFA from NYU Tisch and continue to take classes and study with various teachers around the city.


Exactly how tall are you?

6’ 1” and one of the short ones in my family.


I see the Red Sox hat in one of the photos. Were you big into sports?

I grew up in a big Boston sports family so I tried everything at least once. Some favorites were basketball, cheerleading, Irish Step dance, high jump & hurdles, and being the designated family cornerback.

Most unexpected non-acting related job so far?

During the lockdown, and for about a year into the pandemic, I was an EMT, covid tester, and phlebotomist in New York City.

Middle name?

Elizabeth. Because Molly O'Brien wasn’t an Irish enough name for this Jewess.

Favorite time of the year?

Those 3-5 days in the middle of October that convince you that maybe NYC will have a Real Fall this year...but then the arctic tundra winter sets in anyway.



One younger brother, Conor.

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